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The purpose of “A Roof Over Your Head” is to provide household repairs, various tasks, full roof replacements and roof repairs to hurting families or individuals in our local area.

More specifically, our purpose and mission is to help children of prisoners, orphans, widows, and soldiers/vets.

The community that we live in is an “economic bubble” of sorts, where multi-million dollar homes, nice luxury cars, great schools, and low unemployment are the norm. Unfortunately, there is also another part of community where families and individuals are struggling to provide basic essential things that people need in their life such as food, clothing, transportation, and, yes, shelter. In my opinion, we have several organizations around the area that do a fantastic job of helping with food, clothing, and transportation, yet, very few organizations deal with basic household repairs, tasks, and needs. “A Roof Over Your Head” is unique in that we help homeowners with tasks and projects such as the repair of exterior decking, porches, stairs, railing repairs or installation, wheel chair ramp installation, siding, soffit, fascia, shutters, gutter repairs and cleaning, fence and gate repairs, lawn care, and the list goes on and on.

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The Opportunity

Thousands of people would benefit from your donations.

The Need

Hundreds of families need roofing repairs every year but cannot afford them.


Make A Donation Todayto create a better future for families in need.


Can Make a Differencethat can change a family's life forever.



Roofing Repair

Construction of the roof on the social welfare center in the Chicago area


Service Gutters

Service gutters for 100 families


Roof Replacement

Complete roof replacements.

of which we
are most proud!


Full Home Remodel

Reconstruction of the roof of the family Morris after tornado


Roof Painting

Painting the roof
of the Smith family

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